Pascalisation is a healthy preservation technique. Normally, food is preserved by pasteurisation or sterilisation.
These techniques implies that the food will be put under high temperature, where bacteries will be killed.
But during this process, a part of the taste, colour and nutritional value will be lost.

Times are changing, and consumers want food which is minimally processed and which contains the
original nutritional value.

Pascalisation is different. It works with high pressure, a normal natural technique. Putting the food under high pressure, bacteries and fungi has no chance to survive and the food keeps its original condition. Further, there is nothing added to pascalised products and there is no loose of taste or nutritional value.

In the United States, this technique has a long proven history and more and more countries in Europe are convinced that this preservation technique has the future.

Pascalised products are not only more healthy, but these pascalised products are also longer fresh and tenable. Secondly, this technique needs less energy and is therefore one of the most cleanest and energy saving preservation technique from this moment.

Finally, the pascalised products are more tastefull as it keeps it original purity and taste.