Is Pascalisation safe?

Yes, Pascalisation is an absolutely safe and natural way of preservation. Food will be put under pressure for
a short time, without any additives or changes.

Does Pascalisation change something about the food?

No, the food keeps its authenticity

What kind of food can be Pascalised?

The following products can be pascalised:

Fresh juices / milk / baby food / fresh cut vegetables / fresh cut fruit / smoothies / meats / fish & seafood
fresh soup / fresh sauces / ready to eat meals

Why is pascalised food a little more expensive?

Despite Pascalisation uses less energy, it needs more handling in the process, which makes the product a little more expensive.

Where can I buy pascalised products?

More and more companies decide to pascalise their products. These products can be bought in the supermarkets and shops, just like all other products. Pascalised products are foreseen from the Pascalisation logo, so you can easily recognize them and it gives you the guarantee that this product is pascalised.

Is pascalised food envirmonment-friendly?

Yes, as the Pascalisation process needs less energy than traditional preservation techniques as pasteurisation or sterilisation. Pascalisation gives an average saving of 80% of energy.

Can I keep pascalised food longer?

Yes, pascalised food is longer preservable. Of course you must keep pascalised food in the refrigerator.

Is Pascalisation also used in other countries?

Yes, they’re using Pascalisation for years now with success in the United States.

Why is this technique so new?

In Europe, we are grown up with pasteurisation, sterilisation and adding (artificial) preservatives.The last years, more and more consumers ask for authentic food with the original nutritional value as this is an answer to more healthier food and life.

Is pascalised food healthy?

Pascalised food can be in many cases more healthier than pasteurised or sterilised food, as pascalised food contains 100% of the authentic nutritional value. Secondly, no artificial preservatives are needed.